ONION FLAKES Frontier  1#

ONION FLAKES Frontier 1#


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Frontier Co-op Cream of Tartar is an indispensable ingredient in baking. This powder is often used for various culinary and household purposes. It is a leavening agent that is often combined with baking soda.

Cream of tartar is a known leavening agent that stabilizes the egg whites during the baking process. It is effective in increasing heat tolerance and slowing crystal formation in sugar syrups.

Frontier Co-op Cream of Tartar has an odorless and strong acidic taste. This product provides a distinctive, tangy flavor that stops sugar from crystalizing in baked goods.

Our cream of tartar powder is cultivated in Spain using high-quality ingredients and non-irradiated techniques. This powder is 100% Kosher certified and ready-to-use.

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