Frequently Asked Questions

–       How the heck do you pronounce these words?  

          quinoa: KEEN-wah, kamut: kah-MOOT, acai: ah-sigh-EE

–       Don’t you grow and produce everything that you carry? 

          We grow the grains for some of our flour products (yellow corn, buckwheat, and soft wheat) and we source the rest as locally as possible, depending on the time of the year.  Our 81-acre farm cannot support the volume of flour that we sell, so when we run out of our own grains, we buy them from nearby farmers if possible. We grind our own flours at our flour mill on the farm.  We created the Betty’s Basic line of baking mixes as well as our Tres Rios Chips, Maple Nut Granola, and Nut’n Fancy Granola.  The chips and granola are made regionally with ingredients from our warehouse.

–       Are your prices different for pre-orders and walk-in customers? 

          Nope! The prices are the same either way.

–       Is there a minimum for ordering? 

          Only if you are a delivery customer. Check the Delivery Information page for more information.  If you are ordering to pick up from our warehouse or if you are coming in to shop, there is no minimum.

–       Can I buy bulk? 

          Yes! You may buy a single item or a case of an item, a 1# bag or a 50# bag, etc. Your best pricing will be on any bulk sized quantity, by the way.

–       How do you pronounce the owner’s name? 

          One of the owners, T.Lyle, has quite a unique name that causes some confusion and some entertaining mispronunciations.  T.Lyle is his whole first name and it is not an abbreviation for anything.  His parents were friends with a doctor named Theodore Lyle, and his nickname was T.Lyle—hence the name. Also, for good measure: his last name is Ferderber, not Ferderberger.

–       Why is the price in the catalog different than the price I was charged? 

          We publish a new catalog once every two years.  In that span of time, food prices are guaranteed to fluctuate.  For current prices, please check our website or call the office. 

–       Do organic products contain genetically modified ingredients? 

          No!  If an item is certified organic, it cannot contain GMOs.  In our catalog, if a product is NOT certified organic, we specify whether or not it is non-GMO.  So: organic=non-GMO, non-organic=possibly non-GMO (check for clarification in catalog).